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    Hi everyone, I have a 2009 versys 650 with 107k km and I think it's about time to check my valves before anything goes bad. I've thoroughly read the service manual about valve clearance and adjustment but there are a couple things I'm still not sure about and would gladly receive some advice...
  2. Technical Discussion - V-650
    That's right. Cams rotate once for every two turns of the crankshaft... Now you just need to remove and measure your shim thicknesses to determine which replacement shims you'll need.
  3. Technical Discussion - V-650
    http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-GENUINE-KAWASAKI-2-85-VALVE-SHIMS-FOR-NINJA-KLX-ZZR-VERSYS-ZX-ZR-92180-1028-/270983525312?pt=Motorcycles_Parts_Accessories&hash=item3f17e073c0&vxp=mtr Are these in fact the ones we use? I am researching it now, thought some of you may be interested as well.
1-3 of 3 Results