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  1. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    Here's some more video of another day at the track with my 2020 V650, this time at Toronto Motorsports Park Cayuga, beginner green group. I've coupled the GoPro footage with live feed from a GPS unit so you can see track position, speed and lean angle etc. This is my second time on the track...
  2. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    Last weekend I took my 2020 Versys 650 to my first ever track day at Shannonville Motorsports Park. Haven't seen a lot of posts on track days here so I thought everyone might enjoy the video. The track was the "Fabi" circuit configuration that features a .6km straight and a variety of double...
  3. 🔧Technical Discussion - V-650
    OK, there really isn't any black magic involved. No, really. The suspensions main task, from a performance perspective is to keep the wheels in contact with the ground as much as possible and minimize the bike's movement, or at least keeping those movements under control. There are several...
1-3 of 3 Results