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  1. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    Hi all. I recently bought a 2009 Versys 650 and underneath all the fairings, I found that the radiator was damaged. Not leaking, still functional, but I'm turning this bike into a naked custom touring/scrambler and I'd like to get rid of as many broken/damaged/plastic parts as I can. Found my...
  2. For Sale
    Sold my bike and have no use for these parts. Perfect condition Radiator(OEM) fit for a 07'-09' Versys. Fins on the radiator are all straight. Had this as a back up in case my radiator ever failed due to a large dent in the reservoir. Sat in a cabinet wrapped in a cloth to prevent anything from...
  3. 🔧Technical Discussion - V-650
    Could I bolt up a 2009 radiator to a 2020? Are there any differences? It looks exactly the same.
  4. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    Anybody using these successfully? Not loving the cosmetics, but would rather spend that extra money on set of Speedy's peg lowering mounts.:) Normally inclined towards DIY, and I've waded through a bunch of that forum content in recent months, but radiators can be delicate and feeling cautious.
  5. 🖐Member Introductions
    This fuse keeps blowing on my bike. It seems like every time the fan should turn on in blows the fuse instead. To give you an idea of how annoying this is, I burned through 3 fuses in a 20mile ride and would have used more but ran out and just risked riding it the last 8miles. Anyways, this bike...
  6. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    I was not sure if this should be posted in performance or cosmetic modifications. Anyway, here is the link to the other post. http://www.kawasakiversys.com/forums/186-modifications-cosmetic-v-650/210545-evotech-performance-radiator-guard-gen3-2017-versys-650-lt.html#post1522337
  7. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    Evotech Performance Radiator Guard for Gen3 2017 Versys 650 LT I have found the best fitting radiator guard by Evotech Performance. Of course this is my opinion, but to me, it was well worth the money. I had to import it from England. Instructions are on the retail site. Note: don’t bother...
  8. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    How do I check the coolant level on the 2009 Versys 650? I see the radiator cap but can't get it off since there's a big plastic cover right on top. Do you have to take off the plastic cover just to check the coolant? I don't see a spillover/reserve tank.... Thanks much
  9. 🖐Member Introductions
    Today, my son got his very first motorcycle, and I'll be buying my first one (greater than a 50cc scooter) on Wednesday. His 2014 green, mine 2008 red. We went against the sound advice to buy two different kinds/brands of bikes, "enjoy twice the fun, especially if you plan on riding...
  10. 🖐Member Introductions
    Hey guys, first post. Im very frustrated by a recurring issue with what seems as no solution yet for the V (08', 25.500 km) I mostly ride on the weekends and around november, while riding in hot and humid weather, at high revs, the temperature warning light came on. I stopped, turned off the V...
  11. 🔧Technical Discussion - V-650
    My bike runs great, but after some rides I hear a bubbling or boiling sound coming from the bike. The fluids are fine and the idiot light is not coming on for the bike being to hot. Have anyone else had this problem or am I just being overly critical? This bike is a lot smaller than what I...
1-11 of 11 Results