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  1. 🖐Member Introductions
    Hi I'm Pim, 44 years old from the Netherlands. a few weeks ago I ordered my first brand new bike, the 2023 (metallic smoke gold version) of the Versys 650. So still waiting when it's get delivered... In 1998 I stated driving on a Yamaha Diversion 600, which actually was my fathers bike. On...
  2. 🖐Member Introductions
    Hello! Just purchased a 2009 Vrsys 650. It's my first bike and I'm so looking forward to getting out and about after my MSF course. Just wanted to introduce myself and ask for any tips or tricks from riders on similar bikes. Don't know fully if pictures are allowed in this thread but thought I'd...
  3. 🖐Member Introductions
    Hey y'all! New member here reporting in from the NYC area. Happy and enjoying a lot the new member of the family - can't wait to get over the break-in period, so I'll have to escape to the Catskills this weekend (hopefully). Picture of the new bike: And a mandatory GIF given the title of my...
  4. 🖐Member Introductions
    Hi guys , can you help me what to choose for a motor bike? I'm planning to buy one next month. Our place has many rough terrains adn dirt roads. Advice and suggestions are most welcome. :yeahsmile:
  5. 🖐Member Introductions
    I just got my new Versys 650. Does anyone have any information about the breaking in process? Do I really have to wait 800 km before exceeding 4000 rpms?
  6. 🖐Member Introductions
    Whats up everybody. Picked up a Versys on Friday, 2011. First bike. Had a tough time with it on Sat. was trying to work on low speed controlled turns, but it was controlling me. Sunday I felt great on the bike. Could do anything I wanted to do. Today, went to go practice hill riding, and...
  7. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    Like most people on here I love my Versys. My wife loves hers! But within a few weeks of getting them we started eyeballing other bikes.....it felt like cheating: wrong, but oh so exciting! :) I'm curious: if you had to buy ("had to" :p ) another bike, what would it be? And why would you get...
1-7 of 7 Results