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  1. Technical Discussion / How To Posts/ All Models
    Hey all, I have a trip planned later this year that'll be cross country. I found out some very unfortunate news yesterday that I will be on the East Coast riding right around the time that the 17 year Brood X Cicadas will be coming out en masse. I was around in 2004 the last time they were...
  2. Member Introductions
    Hi! Im new here and I need some help. I want to make a custom Versys 650 2010, just like below on the pictures, but I dont know where can I buy the beak and the additional side panels.... Can someone help me out? Greetings from Transylvania!
  3. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    I bought an '09 Versys with twin brothers exhaust. I want to return it to stock but I can not find any stock exhaust. Any ideas? What does everyone do with their stock pipes when they modify? I guess the modification would not have been so bad had the previous owner MAPed the engine after the...
  4. General Discussions - V-650
    So I got a wild bug up my tailpipe today, and decided I should at least try. I could use the help of members here, as you'll all be pretty much the best sources for info. Goal: To create a page with relevant information for modifying your Versys. Goal: To provide a reference and source to...
  5. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    Like many of you, I want to gain more comfort on longer rides and would like to achieve it without dropping $400-600 on an aftermarket seat. :thumb:That being said, I scoured this site, the ADV site and others, in the attempt to gain enough positive feedback that I could forge ahead with a plan...
1-5 of 5 Results