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  1. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    Hi guys, I'm between these two pipes which are on Ebay for 360 and 305 USD respectively.. It's about what I'm willing to spend for an exhaust and it's quite and investment for me and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with either or can point me in the right direction based on the criteria...
  2. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    Received my Leo Vince from MotoSports on Friday. It took about 2 hours of work with a buddy to get it installed. Removing the stock exhaust wasnt too bad. You dont have to remove the rear wheel like some have stated. You just have to loosen the headers a bit to give yourself a little bit of...
  3. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    Help removing Leo Vince evo II db killer? Hello all! I just installed my new Leo Vince EvoII slip on and it sounds great! The muffler came with some additional hardware in a pouch with some warnings re: removing the baffle. Wanting to hear what it sounds like without the db killer, I went to...
1-3 of 3 Results