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  1. 🔧Technical Discussion - V-650
    Below is the link to instructions on how you can upgrade your headlights to LED. I did the install on 2 Versys 650 bikes and the direct result when compared to stock is fantastic. I think the newer V1000 and newer Ninjas use the same headlights so the instructions may be useful for them as well...
  2. 🖐Member Introductions
    1. General Director and Her Magnificence The Big Boss granted permission. 2. Found a good deal for 2010 Versys with only 12,000km on it. 3. Agreed and should pick it up in a couple of days. 4. :D 5. Don't like the headlight and top fairing design, so plan to remove them, put a classic round...
  3. 🖐Member Introductions
    I need some help in deciding which head light skull to go with. My bike is painted flat black. Here are my two versions pic one monster skull and pic two black helmet. And thanks for whoever came up with the first headlight skull!:feedback:
  4. 🔧Technical Discussion - V-650
    So, I am not sure if my 09 is an anomaly, but the description to "Turn and pull" a locking ring does not apply. There is no direction from the manual on actually changing a bulb ???, and advice I found here led me astray. ( only this one time...:huh:) I found that there is a finicky little wire...
  5. Headlight

    I've heard many be critical of the shape. It's not traditional but nothing is about this machine.
1-5 of 5 Results