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  1. Member Rides
    The weather report said nice wather, but cloudy. It did not mention that it was going to be +4 (38.Ā°F) and rain going over the mountains šŸ˜ Anyway, the weather got better and 400km was added to the bike. A good weekend :)
  2. General Discussions - V-650
    Anyone riding dirt and gravel without 8+ pounds of skid plate hanging off the bottom? ; ) Perhaps with just a fender extender, and maybe a radiator guard? Part of the reason I got this bike was for its relatively low weight. (And wheelies...) Done a ton of ADV type riding on my 1985 CB700SC and...
  3. Member Rides
    I got some dirt miles in again yesterday. I have some thoughts that may help some guys new to dirt or gravel. Most was winding climbing and descending fire roads nothing to hardcore but the loose gravel was tricky for some of the big bikes with me. The roughest sections had some very...
  4. Member Introductions
    I am a new rider and I would like some new tires that I could get. What I am looking for: Something that would do better offroad, hitting gravel, sand, etc. And yet, something I could go a couple hundred miles on the interstate and not worry about having to buy new tires right when I get back...
1-4 of 5 Results