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  1. General Discussions - V-650
    It's been a rather large shock to the system, going from my fuel truck KLR to the Versys. Where as on the KLR, I could get 400~ miles to a tank, I'm barely scraping 200 on my 2008 Versys. IIRC, the tank is 5 gallons max? So with that, I suppose i'm getting ~40-45mpg at worse scenario, and right...
  2. Technical Discussion - V-650
    Hello all, I own a new versys (2011, was bought with 0 KM). in the past I owned a 2007 Versys (bought with 6000K). With my old V i used to make a pretty constant 51.4 MPG - that's over 24K km (2up + a lot of luggage) now with my new V i'm only doing 36 MPG - so far I've done 1100 km. my...
1-2 of 2 Results