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  1. Industry News
    Hello Everyone, I've been a member of this forum for years, and just recently sold my 2007 Versys. My wife and I have just started a new website that is dedicated for farkle reviews, but will also have other stories of interest to all riders. www.farklemyride.com is the homepage to our new...
  2. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    Kawasaki Versys Farkle FAQ! Some of the most commonly asked questions about farkling up your Versys! Definition: Farkle (www.urbandictionary.com) The word is generally accepted to mean a combination of "function" and "sparkle", hence, farkle. Motorcycle enthusiasts may install accessories...
  3. General Discussions - V-650
    So I got a wild bug up my tailpipe today, and decided I should at least try. I could use the help of members here, as you'll all be pretty much the best sources for info. Goal: To create a page with relevant information for modifying your Versys. Goal: To provide a reference and source to...
1-3 of 4 Results