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exhaust system
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  1. Modifications - Performance - X300
    And I don't mean just on the website, pretty much the guys at my local Kawasaki dealer wrote off any exhaust that doesn't have Akrapovic's branding. "If it is not Akrapovic it is crap" pretty much this is what they said to me. I mean sure, there has to be a reason that an Akrapovic exhaust costs...
  2. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    Hello fellow versys lovers, I own a 2020 versys 650 and I hope you guys can help me out. I want to purchase a aftermarket exhaust, specifically the GPR M3 Carbon, but with my kickstand I'm not sure if it'll fit. Has anyone any experience with the combination (or another exhaust/kickstand...
  3. Modifications - Performance - V-650
    I bought an '09 Versys with twin brothers exhaust. I want to return it to stock but I can not find any stock exhaust. Any ideas? What does everyone do with their stock pipes when they modify? I guess the modification would not have been so bad had the previous owner MAPed the engine after the...
1-3 of 5 Results