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  1. Modifications - Cosmetic - X300
    I recently installed this reasonably priced (approx US$100) engine guard. I haven't tested in the wild yet but as I plan to do dirt and gravel rather than hard core rock hopping it should be more than adequate and reassuring if there's the odd hard knock. Construction seems fine and the...
  2. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    I just picked up a 2021 Versys 650 LT and I'm trying to decide on what crash bars (engine guards) to buy. Opinions/reviews with multiple pictures would help me decide. Don't hold back! Tell me the Good, the Bad and the Ugly! And don't forget the pictures....
  3. General Discussions - V-650
    Hello All, I just purchased 2020 Versys 650 LT. Looking for recommendations for a good engine guard. Thanks! ~ARP
  4. Member Introductions
    So I just bought my 2009 650 versys, moving from a C-50 Suzuki Boulevard (Cruiser) which had saddlebags, highwaybars etc. I was wondering if it is possible to have an engine guard/highway pegs for the Versys? Also without spending the ridiculous amount of money it costs to buy the hard side...
  5. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    Hey everyone, Just found this one on the german ebay site : http://www.ebay.de/itm/310510834891?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649#ht_2003wt_1139 does anyone know these ? used them ? knows how they look and feel ? I'm on the fence regarding which crashbars will fit the...
  6. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    hi there I bought new (to me) versys 2008 about a month ago. unfortunately had her down very next day, the front wheel got suck while pushing into garage, I pushed harder, lost balance and ... :eek: fortunately only little scratch on the right handlebar end. I couldn't decide if I want engine...
1-6 of 6 Results