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  1. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    After a spill - damage and repair report I recently pulled off the road onto (into?) the shoulder which was softer and gravelley-er than I thought it would be. Down I went. It scratched up the cowling and a some other less noticeable plastic bits. The cowl was scratched through the paint...
  2. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    Had a little mishap and ruined one of my decals. Decided to go ahead and take them all off. Thought I'd make a little video for those considering doing the same. I wish I'd done it sooner. The fastest just got faster...:D
  3. Technical Discussion - V-650
    Hey, I just bought my 2009 Versys 2 weeks ago, it came with dealer installed Kawasaki official hardbags. When I was in my garage yesterday I noticed the Versys badge/emblem on the right bag was missing. I checked everywhere it had been parked the last few days but never found it. I wouldn't...
1-3 of 3 Results