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    Has anyone experienced this? It came out of no where, it wasnt there when i got out of work (i know because i changed a few times from ODO to TRIP and i wouldve noticed) but when i stopped at a gas station bought a coke and proceeded to leave then i noticed the crack. EDIT: The crack appears...
  2. Off Topic Discussions
    I've been playing around, making music videos of some bands I've enjoyed over the years that I think deserve more attention. The last three videos I've posted have been motorcycle themed tunes, so I'm posting them here for your listening pleasure. I did what I could with images I have, but I...
  3. Member Rides
    I'm holed up in Pennsylvania with my ailing dad right now. Been missing my motorcycle, Mexico, and my girl, so I made a video. It's a photographic whirlwind of my travels over the past year set to Cracker's kick-ass "Let's go for a ride". I've Emailed the band asking permission to use the...
1-3 of 3 Results