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  1. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    I would like to replace the broken right side black cover (part number 36001A) on my 2009 versys. There are a lot of listings on ebay for 2015+ models and the side covers look very similar to the 2009 model. Does anyone know if they are the same or compatible? 2015+ model 2009 model
  2. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    Hello guys, question for the 650LT riders. I just bought a used 2019 (less than 1900 miles on it) the person who owned it tipped it over (ugh, I know…) but I good a great deal out of it. Two questions here. The guy never installed the hand guards, and with all the excitement buying it (this is...
  3. Modifications - Cosmetic - V-650
    After a spill - damage and repair report I recently pulled off the road onto (into?) the shoulder which was softer and gravelley-er than I thought it would be. Down I went. It scratched up the cowling and a some other less noticeable plastic bits. The cowl was scratched through the paint...
  4. 🔧Technical Discussion - V-650
    Hi. I'm trying to get to my instrument cluster. I've got buzzing coming from there like many of the older models. I want to try out the weatherstriping but I can't get the cowling off first.:dgi: The rivets on the 2010 seem to be more difficult to get to. So far I have only been able to remove...
  5. 🔧Technical Discussion / How To Posts/ All Models
    This is just a FAQ reference for this issue. It appears to be one of the most common Versys problems. In short, it seems to happen eventually with almost all Versys models. Kawasaki put out a fix in June of 2007 which involved placing some foam dampers on the affected parts. Newer bikes...
1-5 of 6 Results