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  1. For Sale
    Hello all, Up for sale, And a terrific Fly and Ride. Ride home! And tour the Colorado Rockies! Sorry humanoids, extra curricular vehicle all sold out.
  2. 🖐Member Introductions
    I've been looking into Adventure Touring bikes for some years, and finally couldn't stand it and grabbed a Versys. I previously owned a 1980 Honda CX 500 from the mind 1990's until 2004 when it croaked. It was an old, heavy, and slow road bike; really just a "grocery getter" for my use. After...
  3. 🖐Member Introductions
    New Colorado Owner of Versys 650 LT I've just purchased a 2015 Versys 650LT and am starting to think about add-ons to protect it. Spools, crash bars, etc. Any advice will be much appreciated. Looking at the SW-Motech bars. They look easy to install but I'm wondering if the single bar offers...
  4. Member Rides
    Well, the title says it all. Well not quite. My girlfriend and I left for a repeat of our two-up ride through the Rockies last year. This year instead of meeting her in New Mexico, we're departing San Miguel de Allende, Mexico together, and are planning to work our way up almost to the...
  5. 💬General Discussions - V-650
    How many Versys riders are in the Centernial State? Today I cross path with another red Versys going south on CO 83 between Franktown and Palmer Divide Ave. Western slope and eastern plains Versys riders are also welcomed to chime in. :welcome:
1-5 of 5 Results