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  1. Technical Discussion - V-650
    I've recently been having this issue and can't really find any information on the topic, wondering if anyone had any idea about this. I've got a 2009 V 650 and when I'm accelerating quickly and hit around 5,000 RPM, I lose power and the RPMs shoot up until I let off the throttle and the clutch...
  2. Technical Discussion - V-650
    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and am looking to purchase a 2011 Versys 650. I checked it out last weekend and have a few questions about the clutch. The first thing I noticed was it felt like it had little clutch. I did not feel it disengage the clutch until the last inch or so. The...
  3. General Discussions - V-650
    Looks like I may need a new clutch for next season. Anyone had to replace theirs yet? Do you recommend OEM or aftermarket? What did you pay for parts and installation? Any tips would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. Technical Discussion - V-650
    After over 5 months traveling in Mexico, I'm heading home. Unfortunately the return trip is accompanied by a sound in my 08 like a can of nails being rattled when I back off the throttle. The sound disappears when I engage the clutch. I'm gonna try and find a shop to change the oil tomorrow...
  5. Technical Discussion - V-650
    13,118 miles: Departing for work as normal (warmed up bike and handgrips while gearing up for very cold 28degF OAT) at approximately 07:30 am Monday morning I left the house for the 14 mile drive into work. After navigating to the neighborhood exit (3 stop signs from the house) I got out...
  6. Technical Discussion - V-650
    Howdy all! I've noticed the past two weeks my V won't start unless it's in N. I haven't done anything to it and I don't think anything has changed. Usually I hop on when I'm headed out, put the stand up, hold the clutch in and start. Now I do all that and get nothing. When I pop it up the...
1-6 of 6 Results