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  1. Plastic lodged in chain - advice?

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    I was riding yesterday at about 25 MPH and my rear wheel locked up, skidding me to a stop. I had to get a tow, and when the tow truck driver and I were dragging the bike backwards off the flatbed, the chain became dislodged, and I was able to drive it 100 feet or so to park it. Today I pulled it...
  2. Broke my chain adjustment bolt

    Technical Discussion - V-650
    Has anyone here run into the same issue? I purchased a screw extractor kit but I'm still worried about damaging my swing arm and possibly having to replace it. Any Help/ suggestions would be highly appreciated.
  3. Chain / Time to replace chain?

    Technical Discussion - V-650
    So I need to replace my chain at 24000 Kms and as this is my first time I thought I would throw out a few questions to the more experienced folks. 1. O or X chain? most of my riding is around town with a little hwy so fairly non aggressive. 2. OEM or DID? 3. I didn't see any ware on my sprockets...
  4. Drips, droops, and other disasters

    Technical Discussion - V-650
    I took the V out for a three day cruise round the southern part of Nova Scotia, ride report here, and over the 1800km ride and camp trip, experienced a few problems with the bike that now has 71,000 km on the odo. First off, I pulled in for a cup of coffee, sat down on the curb to finish...
  5. New member with Kawasaki Versys chain problems

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    Hi all, I am living in Thailand and riding an Kawasaki Versys since 2011. And I love it ..... well there is one thing I do not like an that is the chain. At 22.780km I had to replace the DID 520 SP2 chain that comes standard with the bike. The bikes sold here are made in Thailand and also the...
  6. Hi there!

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    Hi! Just bought (a month ago) a 2011/11 Versys 650 with 10K miles on it. Great bike, great and strong engine, good and reliable suspensions. Put some aftermarket parts (Puig windscreen, SW-Motech front sliders, GIVI hardbags and original handguards). Few days ago I've installed a pair of...
  7. Chain explanation - what it all means.

    Technical Discussion - V-650
    I was blasting through another Forum looking for an explanation on the various types of chains (ie. o-ring, x-ring, w-ring) and came upon this article which cleared a few things up for me. The most interesting thing I noted was that a red discoloration on the exterior of the chain links...
  8. Tight Chain vs. undampened 16 tooth sprocket?

    Technical Discussion - V-650
    Hello all! I recently had a 16 tooth undampened front output sprocket put in my V at the dealer. I mentioned the noise issue that is well documented here and the dealer said it may make some noise, but that it probably wouldn't be that bad. At install, the dealer said that my chain had a lot...
  9. Dupont teflon multi-use in Canada

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    Hi fellow V riders, I'm a new V owner (and a newbie biker too) and glad this forum exists...I'll be using it a lot :thumb: I have read a lot on here about chain lubing and the Dupont teflon multi-use seems to be very popular. Unfortunately I can't find it in Eastern Canada (New Brunswick - we...