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    whats up guys ? just posting here saying hello and heres a pic of my ride . if i can figure it out . http://www.youtube.com/rex4x4
  2. Member Introductions
    Looks like I'll be freqently coming to the site now that I've purchased a new (leftover) 2013 Versys today. I bought a 2013 KLR last summer and put some miles on it but realized I really don't go offroad like I used to, so I put the KLR on Kijiji and sold it, the next day I was off to the...
  3. Member Rides
    http://www.motorcycleridefordad.org/ The 10th annual Motorcycle Ride For Dad takes place throughout Canada in the upcoming weeks. It's a great event and proceeds go towards prostate cancer research. A huge ride takes place throughout the city and, depending on which city, events follow...
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    Hi fellow V riders, I'm a new V owner (and a newbie biker too) and glad this forum exists...I'll be using it a lot :thumb: I have read a lot on here about chain lubing and the Dupont teflon multi-use seems to be very popular. Unfortunately I can't find it in Eastern Canada (New Brunswick - we...
1-4 of 4 Results