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Recently purchased as a leftover, Got a great price on it, so I had to go for it.
2015 Kawasaki Versys (White)


The first thing I did was change out the stock windscreen for a GIVI D4114ST. This was a great buy at $117 from Revzilla. There was no shipping or tax, so truly a good price. I even got a $5 bonus towards the next purchase.
No issues with the shield being bumped by the stock LT's hand guards. Apparently some issues exist with some shields. I think that the shield is great, no complaints. I set it to all the way down and can see over the top, but can leave my visor up and get no wind in the face, no noise or buffeting and no back pressure. I love that. I could raise it and get better wind protection for my shoulders and arms if I wanted, as the shape of the shield is designed nicely to do that.

I had a small Icon tank bag (magnetic) that fits perfect on the tank with no need for an adapter for the front magnet. It hits right on the metal edge out side the filler. It is stuck good and solid. I put spools on the swing arm and bought a cheap HF rear lift and it works fine, the only issue being some interference from the dumb fender reflector. I may just cut that behind the license plate nice and clean and be done with it.
I need to do something about the seat, the stock one is too soft, and the angle puts my butt in a pinch that is annoying. I'm looking at the seat concepts unit, it seems popular with a lot of people on the forum.



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