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Versys 650
Kawasaki Green and black
Had been eyeballing these Kawasaki Versys for about two years. Was riding full sized touring bikes at the time. Had multiple bikes in a fairly short period of time. I wasn't willing to give up all the comfort features of a full touring bike and I couldn't justify owning more than one bike at the time as I had no garage and live in the northwest. I built a nice shed for my bike but there was only room for one. A couple of local deals kept tempting me to buy one as a second bike anyway but I never pulled the trigger. Finally when I moved to a place with enough garage space for more than one bike I found the right deal and bought one. I like it so well that it serves me well enough to be my only bike. This truly is a fun bike that serves so many purposes and does them well. Versatile. Thing I have enjoyed most about this bike is that it is not worth $20,000 dollars. I don't have to ride with reservations concerned about wrecking such a valuable piece of equipment. I never understood how much "peace of mind" could come from riding something that I am not overly worried about scratching wrecking ect.
2014 Kawasaki Versys 650 (Kawasaki Green and black)


Things I plan on doing IF I don't decide to replace it with the newest version: Different seat, bigger windshield, foot peg lowering, bar risers and maybe different bars, brush/hand guards, and different grips.



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