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Jack of Heats JoH 11-19-2018 07:13 AM

Brake Recomendations
Looking to switch to SS barke lines, rebuild calipers and replace pads. Would like suggestions on best value manufactuers, product model part numbers and where to purchase. Thanks

fasteddiecopeman 11-19-2018 04:36 PM

What year/model is your V?

Jack of Heats JoH 11-19-2018 07:13 PM


Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman (Post 1597467)
What year/model is your V?

Gen 2 2011 Versys

fasteddiecopeman 11-21-2018 04:50 PM

5 Attachment(s)
I put GALFER stainless lines (TWO on the front, so NO over-the fender line), and on the rear (REALLY improved the 'feel' of the rear brakes) on my '08.




On the front I added a spacer from the hardware store and longer bolts so my handguards would NOT 'foul' the SS brake lines.




Jack of Heats JoH 11-23-2018 08:12 AM

Fasteddie. Thanks for the info and photos.

Looking at Core lines made in USA. Front and rear set around $120. Anyone have experience with this brand?

Randyjaco 11-23-2018 06:02 PM

I put Core lines on my 2008 650, about a year ago. I like the improvement in feel. I had to send one set of lines back because they leaked at the banjos. But the new ones have been fine. I would highly recommend them. Pay attention when installing them. At least for Gen 1 bikes, the line routing is entirely different. Just follow the directions, not how you think they should go.


Jack of Heats JoH 11-24-2018 10:51 AM

Thanks Randy.

Brake pad recommendations?

fasteddiecopeman 11-24-2018 01:45 PM

I replaced the pads on my Gen 1 w/ EBC HH pads, FA192HH for the rear [at 80,5xx miles I'm STILL on the OEM pads, and I DO use the rear brakes!], and FA229HH and FA231HH on the front. I also replaced the front discs at the same time.

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