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Vehicle Name Versys
Year 2015
Make Kawasaki
Model KLE650
Color Green, of course
2015 Kawasaki KLE650
History Born in Thailand in 2015, and came to America to find fun and fortune. I gave it a good home, but I had to move on. I will always remember this bike fondly, and as the machine that got me back onto a motorcycle. Goodbye buddy, I will miss you!
Shad SH36 pillions on 3-P mounting system. A little wide when mounted, but overall a very nice pillion system. Though I would not recommend this system for guys who ride tight trails.
Shad SH40C top box and mounting kit. Very nice, not a lot of money, and will hold one standard full-face helmet.
Cheap eBay DR 650 foot pegs: had to drill out the mounting holes and file down the outside mounting surfaces to make 'em fit, but they are aces otherwise!
Core Tech 2.0 magnetic tank bag: a well made, functional bag. Could be shaped a little better for the slope of the tank, but it's universal fit, so....

Watt-Man Thermo-Bob: I was a little skeptical, but read the entire description of how the Kawasaki KLR/KLE cooling system works, and figured that this mod might be worth the money. Holeeee-cow! No, it doesn't make the bike faster/more stable/better handling/cooler. What it does do is make my bike noticeably smoother at off-idle (where the throttle spends most of it's time when just "cruising around") when the temperature is sub 75 degrees F. This system allows the bike to run just a bit hotter, but more importantly at a MUCH more consistent temp. More consistent running temp, means more consistent fueling (I guess?). Also I notice the bike shifting smoother, which I suppose is due to the slightly higher and more consistent oil temperature. All told, a VERY WELL SPENT $130.00 dollars!!!!

Creature Comforts
Bike Master heated grips: awesome mod! $8.00 BikeMaster 12v accessory plug. Using a relay I took from the fuse box of a Homda car, I was able to get this 8 dollar accessory to fit and work just as well as the $85.00 Kawasaki OEM accessory plug (and without spending the 15 bucks on the OEM relay). Looks just as good as factory!
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