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Originally Posted by kohburn View Post
my afx-fx41 is very comfortable but on long trips the darn thing is so loud and turning my head to check lanes at highway speeds the wind yanks a bit.
Originally Posted by kohburn View Post
the kabuto kamui caught my eye but it is out of the price range I set for myself.
I have not worn a AFX fx41, but did own a FX39. Very comfy, but the shield would not seal with the gasket. I thought t rode great for aerodynamics, but no matter what there was always air coming up under the shield driving me crazy. I will not own another AFX as their fit and finish is lacking personally.

When searching for a replacement I had a list of requirements. Drop down visor, Pinlock, led me to seeing the Kabuto Kamui at a dealer. I had never heard of them, but tried it on and really liked the feel. I was all set to buy the solid color, as the Fluent graphic I really liked was $300+ tax, a bit more than I as willing to spend. I did manage to find one online however for $220 I believe when I went home to research the brand!

I really like the helmet.
-It fits my head VERY comfy.
-It vents great on hot days
-fits with glasses very well thanks to channels for the frames
-Love the drop down visor
-Has never fogged in rain or cold weather thanks to pinlock
-I personally love the graphics

-I would not call the helmet loud, but because of the great venting, it does add some noise(I wear plugs at all times though)
-The chin bar could be 1-2cm farther from the face
-The one that drives me absolutely insane! The visor closes itself all the time while riding. I wear either sunglasses, or clear safety glasses at all times while riding. I like to ride with the shield up to enjoy air flow. Stock the shield would close itself anytime I hit 35-40mph! I have done some mods, and now it waits till mid 50's to slam shut. I spoke to the dealer where I initially found the brand and they tried to tell me all helmets do that(every other helmet I own stays open no matter what speed I go. 7 models from 5 brands)

Overall I do like the helmet. I would not buy it again, purely based on the shield closing, but if I didnt like to always have the shield open, I would have no complaints with it.

I do have a speaker setup in the helmet. I use Torx X2 speakers, and a Bluetooth adapter for my phone.

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