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Rox antivibration risers - 2014 V1000

Numb fingers seem to be an issue for me. I'm sure a large part of it is the ninja death grip I have on the bars but I'm convinced that there's still a bit of vibration coming from the engine that I wanted to deal with.

Enter the Rox anti-vibration 2" risers. Puts the bars in a more comfortable position (at least for me) and based on the quick ride I took this evening a lot less vibration.

Install was without any helpers which made it a little awkward at times. In particular to get the bar shims on the risers to stay in place while bolting everything together. A little piece of double sided tape on the inside surface did the trick to keep things from moving as I fitted it all together.

The anti-vibration mounts do give kind of a soft feel to the bars which I guess is to be expected. They seem well constructed and start to finish everything took about 25 minutes.

I ordered them from motorcycleinnovations.ca, delivered in 3 days (good by Canadian standards)

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