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Last year, two days before a trip I decided to fix that darned throttle grip that kept working its way out... So I took it off, cleaned it and put it back on with some silicon caulking.

Two days later I left on the trip and as I got to the bottom of my driveway the grip came off in my hand like I had put it on with Vaseline Petroleum Jelly!

It seems that the grip made such a good & airtight seal that the silicon reacted like it was still in the caulking gun -- it didnít dry AT ALL!

So now what...? I could go back, clean it off and try something else... but the only thing that I have that will dry fast is Contac Cement -- but Iím afraid that it will either do the same thing, or worse, if I let it get tacky... I might only get the grip halfway on before it bonds! Screw it, Iíll ride on and fix it when I get to my destination 200 miles away...

Five miles down the road my hand is cramping up because of how hard I have to squeeze the throttle to keep it from unwinding. Hmmm... Wait! It air dries! So I slide the grip all but off the throttle and hold it there with my fingertips for a couple of minutes... slide it back on and... hmmm.. a little better.. So I continue this off... on... off... on... routine for about 10 minutes until it was tacky enough that it had a decent grip on the throttle and by the time I got where I was going it was firmly bonded.

The lesson here is; if youíre going to use silicon..., apply it while youíre doing 60 MPH...

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