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Originally Posted by OutsmartBullet View Post
If you need ABS, look into the BMW models. There are some pretty neat and similar bikes that they offer.
If he buy's a BMW then he will morph into one of those unfriendlies on ADV that he talked about in his OP ....... Assuming that the word Gravelability is real , and you intend to ride the bike off-road or at least on "loose" roads , consider that ABS is not the best option , My good friend rode a GS1200 Adventure to Argentina from Canada , lot's of off highway stuff , and the brakes were an issue , being linked front and rear is not good on a steep wet grassy slope ............**note: While ABS offers improved vehicle control, and may decrease stopping distances on dry and especially slippery surfaces, it can also increase braking distance on loose surfaces such as snow and gravel . Also if you want switchable , the price of the bike will far exceed a Verseys ...........good luck and inform us of what you get .....

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