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Originally Posted by eodowduk View Post
Just bought myself a Versys as my first bike...and so far so good. Would like to service the bike myself so if anyone has any guidance I am happy to hear it. Just off out to buy myself a torque wrench

As a first step you can download the service manual from the Tech section of this site, it's free. It's in PDF format. Suggest adding some SW-Motech crash bars. They'll save you some grief down the road when you drop your new bike on it's side and probably pay for themselves. You'll also need to install some spools on the swing arm (cheap on ebay) and get a rear spool stand to lift the rear wheel and hold the bike upright for maintenance tasks. The Versys swing arm is pre threaded for spool attachment.

If it is a used bike suggest checking the service manual and making sure all scheduled maintenance tasks have been done.

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