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Sadly politics worldwide, seem to be moving to the left and right fringes, with no place for moderates and common sense. In the US the president has a severe case of unmedicated ADD and his posse is now mostly incarcerated with his lawyer going to jail the other day for paying off 2 women on his behalf illegally, lying to mislead law enforcement, etc.. His campaign manager is in prison now as is his former national security advisor (Flynn is about to be sentenced) and a few others of his posse. This does not seem to bother 50% of US voters??? He is currently the front runner in 2020 and makes Nixon look like a choir boy.

This is how Hitler and Mussolini came to power in their respective countries. People got fed up with democracy being ineffectual with the constant infighting preventing anything substantial from being done. They allowed themselves to be riled up with hate for certain groups that got blamed for everything, rather than understand the intricacies and complexities of interrelated and long term social economic issues. They were only later to find out that absolute power is MUCH, MUCH worse and they were lied to by the leaders they supported.

IMO much of the problem can be laid at the feet of the cable news channels like FOX and CNN, that do not so much report political news as bend and twist it to fit their respective viewpoints and pepper it with sensationalism. This does nothing but polarize the idiots that get their news from heavily biased sources the likes of FOX news and Sean Hannity and the late night talk shows.
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The problem as I see it is that many have swallowed their own propaganda without questioning it and have thus deluded themselves.

Take for instance some on the left have been convinced the right is only a bunch of prejudiced and ignorant old men who blame all problems on lazy people on welfare, immigrants and want nothing more than to escape their responsibilities to pay taxes and will happily borrow money so they can have their tax breaks and push the responsibilities of repayment to younger generations. Many on the right have been falsely convinced by their own propaganda that the left is only about snow flakes who care about gender identity, safe spaces and want unrestricted immigration. Neither of these groups has an accurate assessment of the mainstream of the other side.

Voters need to realize there are a few inescapable truths.
1) You cannot spend more money than you collect from taxes year after year without eventually having an economic collapse.
2) The only way to significantly grow an economy today is through managed immigration and thus population growth. Improvements in technology apply to most national economies so thus eventually nullify effects relative to one another. Population growth is a requirement to increase the tax base and thus pay off ever increasing deficits.
3) Too great a wealth gap between the rich and poor leads to revolution and political instability
4) Not giving people on the lower rungs of society a helping hand with efficiently run social programs and education, to help them more employable, will grow the wealth gap even farther and create large ghettos of people causing social problems and crime and reduce the quality of life for all. Unemployment and crime are directly linked.
5) It's cheaper to treat poor people for mental health issues for free, than it is to send them to prison after they do something bad.
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I agree, since this is a multi-national forum now. It is not really fair to the people not living in the country being talked about. Every country has its own dirty laundry and if you don't live in that country, who cares.

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Do yourself a favor, find America One News Network (OANN) on your cable carrier. 208 on Uverse. News without the Network BS or bias
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Originally Posted by hdrider02 View Post
In talking about your number (1) National Debt:

Obama increased the national debt more in eight years than the preceding 43 Presidents combined increased it since our countrys founding. If you know Obama's history, you will know his goal for this country is economic collapse.
I don't have a horse in this race but reducing political debate to mud throwing and posting memes and untruths is unhelpful to all. If people decide how to vote based on memes and the many untruths bounced around god help us all, or perhaps we deserve the poor governance that results.

In that regard the above quoted statement is intellectually dishonest as it ignores facts to try and get across a political viewpoint. Remember tax breaks have the same effect on a deficit as spending does. The dishonest part is you criticized the previous US administration for it's high level of deficit spending but then failed to mention the current US administration is increasing it at an even greater rate.

We have the same problem in Canada in that every administration outspends the previous one, with borrowed money, with few exceptions, either on government programs or tax breaks. I assume because voters are too stupid to realize they are being bribed with borrowed money they will have to repay with interest.
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Motorcycle Forum / Not a Political Platform

The Dorito's post is gone, not appropriate for this forum, I copied a few posts, and this thread is also closed. This forum is a Canadian owned forum, however there are members from all over the world here. As a mod I need to imagine my reaction viewing some of these posts, at the same time I too got sucked in, very easy to get upset at something a single individual can't change, and reflecting on the fact, I have adult children that will need to deal with the fallout long after I am gone from this world.

Also I should point out, someone starts another political thread back up, expect to get a short ban, this is a warning.
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