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Originally Posted by FLA-V View Post
I am thinking of blocking that handlebar hole....now that cold weather is on its way, I do notice on the cold mornings a blast of cold air coming thru the handlebar hole, I was thinking about closing it off.....has anyone else done this?
If so, let us know the results with pics.
I love to ride the V, I do dress for the cold but I was thinking if I can slow down some of that airblast it can be more comfortable....know what I mean?
When and if I do this I will post pics on how I do it......just an idea, how about some feedback...

I've not notice much air coming through the handlebar/fork tube hole.

On cold days, i have noticed a wind blast coming through under the handlebars, through the "side notches" in the tank fairing, blasting me in the chest, and then up into my helmet. I'm still puzzleing how to easily deflect this air blast.

I just bought a tank bag, as that might help, put have not had a chance to put it on and test it yet.
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