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Just bought my first long overdue bike.

Whoa. Just bought my first bike! I was looking for an older (70s-80s) Euro bike, had a decent level of interest in Japanese (grew up in the 70s with a Dad who always had euro bikes, mostly brit, with the occasional Honda thrown in.) Learned to ride over 30 years ago but never owned anything.

Have been searching for a couple of months since being gifted a new Vespa (I don't want to hear it, it's a lot of fun :-) that my non-riding cousin won in a raffle. That really got the juices flowing again, and after a few weeks trolling eBay I came across a nice deal on a 2008 Versys (3000 miles, lots of extras). Wasn't that interested initially but after reading all the incredible reviews and rider comments, I decided this one shouldn't get away. Paid the deposit today.

Should have it in a couple of weeks and cannot wait. This forum looks fantastic and I'm looking forward to chatting to you all some more.


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