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New owner in Central Texas

I picked up a 2009 Green Versys 650 from a dealer with 380 miles on the odometer. This is my first bike and is now my daily driver. I had a 2011 frontier pro-4x and just hated it after owning it for a year, worst mpg of any truck I have owned even with a v6. I love riding this little beast and can't believe I waited this long before taking the MSF and getting my license. I have put almost 400 miles on the bike in my first week of ownership. I got a 2 year warranty and a tire plan that includes 4 free tires so I plan on riding the crap outta this thing rain or shine!

I have already completed my 600 mile maintenance. Checked over all lines. Changed the dealer oil for Rotella 5w-40 syn. Cleaned/lubed the chain. I will go verify all major bolts are properly torqued this weekend and anything else listed in the 600 mile maint. I plan on lubing the clutch/throttle cables in the next week since who knows how long the bike sat before I bought it. I guess i'll probably throw some lithium grease on everything that has a hinge/pin/joint/cup for the same reason.

The dealer was nice enough to throw in some puig frame sliders, I should be picking those up tomorrow. I have a puig rear tire hugger coming in as well as spools/stand.

Absolutely love the bike, its very comfy for someone who is 6'4 and the engine is torqy enough for noobs like me to ride in the lower rev range until they break it in and feel comfortable with 9k rpm shifts

I'm also collecting gear, i have a helmet/jacket/back and chest protector/glove/boots. Still trying to find pants that fit well enough with protection.
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