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My red '08 Versys is my first bike and I started out riding up in the Jemez mountains where there is this rather large beetle (if I remember correctly it is green and purplish and very hard - I am pretty poor in my color perceptions though). On one of my first rides, I remember something sounding like a rock hitting my faceshield. The immediate addition of some bug guts, made me think it was one of these beetles. There is still a scratch on my faceshield from that little bastard. I learned early on that I do not ride with the shield up at any real speed.

I have not had the pleasure of bees intruding anywhere while I ride. I did almost take a turkey vulture to the chest - I thought it was a raven and I am used to them getting out of the way in time. That was an impressive sight since turkey vultures can get quite large.
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