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Imagine being Neils drum tech/roadie,setting all this stuff up every show?! I heard Neal say in an interview that his drumming style was never dictated by how a rock drummer was supposed to play for the band to get broad acceptance and that type of thinking for him was never allowed to tarnish what he wanted to do, what they were after. Only other guy I can think on his level in "Rock" would be Bill Bruford, all respect to the many rock and roll traditional slammers. This attitude, making their fans have to stretch themselves musically was the basis of Rush music really, they did it their way and built their following all on their own. All the way to playing stadiums, they never really needed radio but got it anyways. I know the other guys in the band had talked of carrying on with a different drummer a few years ago when Neil retired to writing but Rush without him.... hard to picture.
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