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Originally Posted by silviefox View Post
the reason this happens is the bike sits on its kick stand and leans to that side so any moisture in the swing arm sits right on that bolt. what you need to do is drill out the drain hole in the swing arm (its right under that bolt) to be a bit bigger and when you get that bolt out flush all the much (trust me there will be some there) out with wd40 or something like that then grease or anti seize the heck out of the new bolt you put in there. thats always been my strat. ive broken that bolt on many old bikes. like i said the main reason is the drain hole getting plugged the second is science of differential metals being in contact and sharing electrons and blah blah blah
Thanks for posting, haven't heard from you in a while, and 100% right on about the drain hole, forgot all about it
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