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lots of options. use the Moto tool in you pic to cut a slot in the bolt so a slotted screwdriver fits. use Kroil or Seafoam Creep with heat on the swingarm. multiple cycles sometimes helps. if that don't work, my next go to is weld a nut on the stub. nut bigger than the bolt part, and fill the hole with the wire feed. the extra heat also helps to spin that right out. if you have to drill, get a good center with a small bit. then work it bigger. the spiral taper easy-outs kinda suck since they tend to make things tighter as you turn them. I like(and have) some Snapon flank drive type.. like a shaft, same diameter all the way down but with ridges to grip the bolt. that don't work (or other lesser grade easyouts) drill the sucker out. if you break odd an extractor or drill bit, go to a cobalt bit. that fails, blow the steel out with a cutting torch... it will not damage the aluminum (no kidding) anything that fails.works but makes a mess, you can helicoil the hole, no worries. or... ignore it as is. as a last ditch.. you can cut off the other end of the adjuster if you like. once the axle nut is tight it does nothing

if I'm answering your question I assume the basic points have been addressed, such as: did you do a compression test? is it still on fire?

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