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Anti -seize

I assume it was seized when it broke off, there is to be a jam nut there. A little tip for those with similar predicaments before you twist is off, if you get a 1/4 turn or even a 1/8 of a trun and it gets tight, get some WD40 or other anti seize spray, use liberal amounts , try rotating in and out, each time adding more spray, the idea is to work lube into the threads and get the bolt out. Second or combined method is to use heat, you have very little time with heat, however I have had success by heating up the aluminum with a heat gun then spraying WD40 liberally, letting it cool down, then trying again.
So some tips, drill say a 3/16 shallow hole, spray WD40, take a hammer and punch and try driving into the shallow 3/16 hole, you don't want to mushroom that broken bolt, what you are trying to do is break up the corrosion between the aluminum and the bolt threads. Next drill a hole roughly 3/4 of the OD of that bolt, you can try a easy out, the square kind, you may be able to turn in a 1/2 turn or out 1/2 turn, spray penetrating oil on . When done chase the thread in the swing arem and use anti seize next time.
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