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Originally Posted by bmw111 View Post
Have the plastics off my (new to me) 2011 V 650 and noticed these “unplugged” connectors above the left side of the radiator. Looked in the SM but tough to follow the wiring diagrams on my phone screen. Any ideas? For servicing?
That's for an accessory relay to be installed into that black connector, which will allow you then to use those bullet connectors to power accessories, such as heated grips, a 12V socket, etc. The Black/Yellow wires with male bullets are ground connections and the White wire with a female double bullet is positive voltage, but is only enabled when the relay is installed.

Link to Accessory relay: https://www.kawasaki.com/accessories...-kit/999940195 (Note that despite the picture, that Kawasaki Relay Kit does not come with the 12V power socket - just a mount that would accept such a socket, sold separately.)

There are cheaper alternatives for that relay available elsewhere - it's a standard relay, but make sure you get one that is weatherproof considering the location.

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