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madstad now on 2018 versys 1000LT

hey all,

just finished installing the madstad mounting and windshield system on my 3 month old 1000LT. no problem at all with the install. replaced my kawasaki touring windshield with the madstad. i was in regular contact with blair at madstad, to assure it definitely fit the 2018. none of the pics showed that and blair had his tech folks check and get back to me. as i had heard elsewhere on here, blair really tries to help. now all that left is the riding!!!

two things i did contrary to the specs, was i used 3/16" shorter mounting bolts for the lower 2 bolts of the track brackets and mounted the track brackets all the way down. instructions say to mount these as high as they will go in the stock mounts. this was because madstad was worried about the system hitting the cowl or other front end parts (the longer bolts would have hit...) . with the shorter bolts, i was able to mount the track brackets almost 3 inches lower in the stock mounts, giving me a total vertical adjustment of nearly 6 inches! nothing hits anywhere.

replacing the weenie sounding stock horn is next....
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