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BMW f650CS or Versys....

Gday all,,
Have been looking at this forum daily for quite awhile, so much info its bloodee great
Anyways, it seems my 1st post is to be about another bike..

Been saving my $ for a green versys here in W.A for sometime, and of course every time the jar is almost full, greedy n needy hands from 4 kids skims the top

So, Ive been doing alittle research on a 2nd hand bike, no Versys as they dont sell here, none in the showrooms, but @ a 2005 BMW f650cs Scarver, similar sorta idea .
I noticed a few guys here have come from them, soooo,

My question is, how are they compared to the V,
is the power and handling so much better on the V, less vibes Im guessing.
I really like the stuff bay idea, easy storage a go go..

So Im coming from a 200cc Gilear Runner scooter which previous owner hotted up, sits on 130 km no wuckus and a 76 XS 560 yamaha, long distance vibrations doing my hands in..

Work from home so mainly used for zipping out for supplies, hit the beach and country runs every now and then. Damn, I want everything in one bike

So do I wait for the jar to fill, or is the Scarver good enough ?
Any1 miss there BMW f650 ?

Good on ya
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Old 02-11-2009, 10:34 PM
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Checked out the scarver, that ride is hot...Not available in the states...To bad it would probaly sell well here...The V is a great bike, but you probably be a happy camper with the bimmer. And moving up from a modified scooter you'd think you hit the jackpot

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Old 02-11-2009, 10:56 PM
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I've ridden quite a few one-lungers over the years, (although not the F650) and would suggest the Versys is likely to be a more satisfying bike, (sorry). It's simply a fantastic all-rounder, with mid-range power that continues to amaze me, after two seasons, (we got the model a year before the US).

If you can only have one bike, I'd go with the Versys. Don't get me wrong, I like beemers, (I bought the new 800GS in the fall); but for an all-round street bike, I think the Versys is more bike and better value.


When life throws you a curve, lean into it.

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Old 02-11-2009, 11:00 PM
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That F650CS is an interesting belt driven 50 HP thumper... You'd have better suspension, handling and stability, more usable power with wider torque band from the versatile Versys. I'm sure you'd love it as it is more machine...

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Old 02-11-2009, 11:52 PM
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I have had 3 BMW f650's and spent alot of last summer on a scarver. If you can find a scarver in good shape, with a maintenance record, and reasonable miles, there is no reason to think it wouldn't serve you well for quite some time.

I would mention that the tank storage thing is kinda dorky and useless, the battery is an absolute abomination to change out, and I think they had the same water pump seal issues as the F650. Check to see no antifreeze is leaking out the water pump hole at the bottom. Oil changes are a bit cumbersome, and you are leaned more forward than the Versys or the F650.

You can't find an older KLR lying about somewhere? With the dohicky done?
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Well, I had fingers crossed that someone might say how much they missed the Scarver and it whipped the Versys
Much appreciate the replies and I do feel more drawn towards the V, lottsa info and help available here. Just odd that it hasn't taken off in Aus.
Dealer will give me an ok trade for the xs650, just need to decide if i can part with it.
And off to try a Scarver tomorrow, feel like my mind is made up, just need my wallet to catch up

Cheers fellas
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Old 02-12-2009, 07:12 AM
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We had the old F650 and was a good bike for a single. MY wife rode it and i had the 1150 GS. I rode it many times but has no comparison to the Versys. It is a single and the twin just outperforms it in so many ways. It was fine for my wife who never uses much power and we had it lowered for her. No BMW dealers for a hundred miles from here and then only one. Not a good dealer network anymore and very high service and parts. Was a good bike for her, but i couldn't ride it all the time is why i bought the Versys. My GS was in all the time for some darn thing. Not worth it. I just want to ride.

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I really like the idea of just getting on and riding, not worrying about reliability issues.
Think I've been spoilt by the scooter, hop on and go, funny though as all my old rides years back always needed tinkering, must be over that
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Old 02-13-2009, 08:52 AM
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I have an '02 Scarver ABS and am passing it on to my wife (lowering to be done), and I just ordered a Versys two days ago (haven't ridden one yet).

Scarver is a neat machine and I have enjoyed it. It handles great, always attracts attention, and I get consistently above 70mpg (imperial). It is a thumper, and has 50hp, so anything with more cylinders and more power will be a better tourer or all-rounder. Parts and accessories are outrageously expensive (another reason for keeping it - I have already burned the $$ on the accessories we need!), and keep in mind BMW no longer manufactures the bike (it was available everywhere, including the U.S., but nowhere anymore). Checking oil level and oil changes are a major pain, but I have learned it now and am willing to put up with it. The aluminum oil drain plug stuck, eventually got it out (destroyed), and the damn thing cost me $35! Just an example...

I simply wanted something a bit "more" in terms of power and comfort, but stayed with the scarver "style", which I consider the V to be. Go with the V.
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Cheers for that Turnbud, very informative mate.
I've been browsing 650 forums and maintenance looks a worry, but you get used to it i guess..

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Old 02-14-2009, 10:41 PM
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I came from an F650 to my Versys and as much as I liked the 650 for touring and comfort, there was an EXTREME lack of power that really turned me off. It's the only part of that bike that I was disappointed with.

The Versys does everything that my 650 did for me but it's so much better. It's more powerful, better handling in the tight stuff and it just fits me better.

I always tell people that the BMW was great transportation, but the Versys is a great motorcycle. Every time I get off of my Versys, I can't believe how great of a bike it is and can't get over how much I love it more and more every time I ride it.
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Old 02-15-2009, 08:27 AM
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I had the F650Cs - what you may save in buying the bike, you'll spend on parts and maintenance. The Cs is not a cheap bike to own. It's also 50 pounds heavier than the Versys. The wind turbulance with the stock screen is really bad. I enjoyed my Cs for the two years I owned it, but the expensive maintenance, the low power, bad wind screen (cool to look at though), clunky transmission (finding neutral is a pain in the butt), and that stupid oil check procedure killed all joy I had for that bike.

I went back and forth for a several weeks when I finally decided that I'd give up the Cs and find something else. I finally went for it and bought the Versys and have been so much happier since. The Versys has a much better motor with a smoother transmission, better instrumentation and is much more flickable than the Cs is. The Versys comes from a sport bike while the Cs comes from a dual-sport. The difference is evident in the ride.

If I were you and if you haven't pulled the trigger on the Cs, then I'd wait and get the Versys. You'll be much happier.
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I always tell people that the BMW was great transportation, but the Versys is a great motorcycle
Now thats a stylish quote mate
Definitely decided on the V , just see what the dealer can do for a better price.
The Versys comes from a sport bike while the Cs comes from a dual-sport.
Another good line and trigger not pulled yet, hopefully I find out on the $$$ today..
Cheers all, mucho apprciated
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Old 12-30-2009, 09:48 AM
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I sold a BMW to get the V...just got tired of the lack of service shops and the high cost of maintenance..still a good bike but not worth the $$ they opinion is all
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Old 12-30-2009, 02:30 PM
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Happy New Year to All.... trust that 2010 will be exciting for us all.... just re: the BMW GS650f thing verses the Kawasaki.... obviously you can't compare a single (BMW 650 Rotax motor) to the twin... but I'm really gald that I got the Versys... both these 2 bikes were the same cost (the BMW a 2003 model - Versys a 2008) but I found the Kawasaki alot more appealing and only just come into Oz - still not alot around (in Adelaide) so for me the twin motor thing is the best... also because it isn't a HUGE horsepower thing... my daughter (@ 23years) Sian can handle the torque alot better too.... but like all forms of motor bikes.... enjoy what you have to the MAX!!!! catchya when - until then.... Andreas
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