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Talking Sport mod Versys 650 - Still in progress.

Yes, I'm aware, if I wanted a sport bike, I should've just bought a sport bike.

As people know, the Versys is an adventure/dual sport motorcycle. Well, I wanted to take a different approach in the V. I present the sport modded V650. It's still in progress, hence the title, but I'm proud of what all I've done to the bike.

I originally picked the bike up nearly stock. The 2011 Versys 650 I got my hands on was slightly modded before hand. It had a Zero Gravity windscreen (Which I DO still use, but only on long highway travel.) Previous owner also had the Motowerk lowering link installed, and I believe that's it. I'm not sure which tires are on the bike, but when I get around to tires, I have two options. Upon purchase it had 9,500 miles, and now it's approaching 16k. I bought it earlier this year as well.

All that I've done to the bike:

1. The most obvious detail is the exhaust - The bike is insanely loud compared to stock. It's a Yoshimura Race TRC-D. I absolutely love the exhaust, it's super aggressive, redline is addictive, tunnels are heaven.

2. Second picture shows my shifting link. Anyone who pays attention will notice that it's reversed, AKA GP shift. I'm loving the way it's working for me, it's a lot easier to shift. Try it, if you'd like.

3. Sprocket/Chain. I previously bought a cheap chain, which was a big mistake - it snapped, because it was only rated for a 250cc. Guy at the place I bought it at didn't really know what he was doing, I guess. Anyway, it's an EK 520 ZVX3, rated for a 1,200cc. Rivet master link. The sprocket is a Vortex 520 CAT5 Aluminum. It's +3 from stock. To get an accurate speed/mileage, I use a GPS app on my phone. (Yes I'm weary about durability, but I've had no issues. I'll get a steel sprocket if I notice major wear.)

4. Front turn signals! I absolutely hated the stock turn signals. These though, were like 20-30 dollar LED turn singals from Cycle Gear. They've cleaned the front end so much, but what I find amusing is the way I have them mounted. I took the rubber mount from the stock signals, inverted them, and put these in. I also super-glued them so they don't move. Unless you look inside, you can't tell, but they look really sleek. They also have a slight backward angle to them, which helps the looks. Also, levers. Not pictured well, but they're just some cheap ones off ebay. I don't really see the merit of putting super expensive levers that cheap ones can do the same job, and sometimes better. They're adjustable, and they got rid of the ugly chrome ones I kinda tore up. (Brake was super bent, and clutch was broke.)

5. You can also tell I got rid of the stock mirrors, and I have bar ends. Strange to some, I have them mounted upside down. No, they don't get in the way, and yes, I can actually see out of them.

6. Pictures the PC5.

7. Tail tidy, LED taillight. I really enjoy how I've changed the rear end.

Non performance/other stuff not really special:
Cramp buster
Ram mount

Not pictured or can't show:
1. You wouldn't know the ECU is flashed until I tell you. I had a buddy do mine, and we increased the RPM limit to 11k (Stock 10,450), and advanced what temp the fans kick on. Also smoothened throttle response, and removed speed limiter. I haven't noticed a top speed increase due to the sprocket.
2. LED headlights/tail lights/Flasher relay. I swapped LED bulbs into the front, and also got rid of the running light on the top (I couldn't swap it to LED, at least easily.) The tail-light has an flasher relay, so it flashes then goes solid. Also integrated the tail lights, so I don't have to deal with the stock ones.
3. Wax. I use Meguiar's spray on wax. If you don't use it, you really should. easiest waxing job, ever.

Things I've taken off to drastically change looks:
1. Obviously the windshield. May look out of place, but I still have it of course.
2. Rear passenger pegs. OH my god, did these change the bike completely. Taking the passenger pegs off have been one of the best things I've done. I never ride with a passenger, (Yes I do realize they'd be good for if I needed to.), so I figured "Hey, it's really dead weight". Gives the rear end an open look that's just the passenger seat, fenders, and the tire. It looks really nice to me.
3. Rear grab bars. These I had to get used to not having. Would I put them back on? Yes actually. But I like how cleaned up it looks with them off. Plus, gives it more of a sport look rather than a standard/adventure look.
4. Stickers. Of course originally on the sides, it says "Kawasaki Versys." I removed those stickers to clean up the look.

Subtle things that I would need to take pictures of for you to know:
1. The tank actually has a dent in it. On the top, near the fill cap. It actually looks really nice, which is strange to say. I don't plan to ever revert it to the original form. Matter fact, I need to get ideas to smooth it out so it just works with the aesthetic.
2. There's a GPS tracker on the bike.
3. One time that I dropped the bike, it fell on the exhaust, and kinda scratched it up. It's really subtle though. I choose to ignore it. There's also a ding on the resonator, but I'm choosing to ignore that too.
4. This would need a video, but the bike is stupidly loud. (I ride with earplugs no matter what.) The headers are actually the stock ones, the exhaust got rid of the cat.
5. On the shifter, I needed to grind down a bit of the mount, so GP shift will work. (Note: You can possibly see this if you zoom in enough.)

Things I plan to add in the future:
1. When I need to, I'm going to replace the brake lines with braided steel cables.
2. If/when the clutch goes out/starts slipping, I'm going to replace it with a Rekluse clutch pack. Because why not. (Yes I know there's possibly cheaper, but.. eh.)
3. I'm kind of hesitant on this one, but I'm cosidering a steel tube quick throttle from G2 Ergonomics.
4. Regarding tires, I'm looking at Dunlop Q3 (Because everyone gets them.....) or Pirelli Angel GT.
5. I'm also going to look into a tire hugger, maybe alternate fenders, and other cosmetics soon.

Things I would do if I had the money/time to do so:
1. Change the headlights. Oh my god, they actually bug me. Yes, people are going to say "Well, why did you buy the Versys if you don't like the headlights???1!" Well, It looked like (And definitely was/is) A perfect first bike. I've had thoughts of retrofitting some halo lights from this website called ktmoto. I don't know what I'd choose to do. The issue is I'd need to do something about the fenders, and it'd be a couple weeks to do most likely. Do I need to do this? No.
2. Turbo. Yes, I KNOW this is highly controversial, or is going to be controversial, but it would be my time/money. I know I'll definitely need to beef up internals, and do all sorts of other things. People are going to say "Just buy a faster bike". Well, I plan to keep this Versys. I'll engine swap with a less used motor, and see about a turbo setup. Worse case scenario, I buy an engine and build it for more power, instead of a turbo. We'll have to see.

If you managed to read all of this, then that's awesome. I've put a lot of time and effort into this bike, and the more and more I do, the more and more I like it. It'll probably pain some people to know, but I've used this bike for doing wheelies and such. Some people may not care, some may do the same even. What I love though, is that no matter where I've gone, I've gotten compliments. Nobody can guess what it actually is. People I've known for a while still compliment it. My whole thing about modding bikes, if you enjoy what you've done to it, and it fits your ideals/style, just do it.

And if you don't believe that last statement, I have a friend with a bagged, 12 inch stretched, custom painted Grom, and he's putting a fat tire on it over this weekend.

Note: Sorry pictures are tiny. Phone didn't want to take bigger ones for whatever reason...
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I've unfortunately crashed the bike. Don't hvae pictures to upload atm, but it's really isn't that bad. I was doing a wheelie, and it went too far back, and I saw it slide on the tail and fall on the left side. it messed up about 300 dollars worth of stuff, not including the fairings. But since I mostly run with a stunt group, so from now on my idea is to transform it into a stunt bike. Very odd thing to do with a Versys, but someone did it with an ER6N.

When I get out next (Currently waiting on parts, should be here by Friday) I'm going to take pictures of where the bike is, and I'm going to use this point to update my progress on the instead stunt conversion. Shouldn't be too hard or expensive, the most expensive thing that's going to be done is a custom crash cage. I obviously already had the idea to turn the bike into something different (AKA the original title of this thread), but now I have different thoughts.

Yes, I would restore the bike to it's original looks. I however can't find some fenders for the rear that broke, and my front fenders have always been broken. 400+ just to repair those, so I may as well just leave them off. Despite my wishes to make it a stunt bike, I will still make it look good, so don't fear about it looking bad. It may be ugly for a bit, but by next year, it'll be nice and pretty again.
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Hope you all good after your stun. Do what your heart say's and enjoy your ride and life. Be safe.
for all work on the bike.
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