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What do (should) you have in your First Aid kit?

The Smokey Mountain Off-road emergency thread made me think of this:

What should be present in a motorcycle First Aid kit?

I have tape, gauze, disinfectant, antibiotic cream and pain killers.
What other elements should be there?

On a side note:
Does anyone know what the medical equivalent of Superglue is sold as?
It works great to close cuts quickly without stitches, but you can't use regular Superglue for it.
Found answers to this one: Indermil and Dermabond, though these are insanely expensive and seemingly intended for surgical procedures ($360 per 12 and $140 per 10 respectively).
Band Aid "Liquid Bandage" seems similar.
There is a raging discussion on the intarwebs on whether regular Superglue/Krazyglue can safely be used. Some say yes, some say no.
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dont forget to add, rubber gloves, tweezers, ace bandage, burn cream, small cold pack, eye wash if you have the room
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My mini first aid kit in my backpack goes where ever I go, so it gets shoved in a backpack or something when I get on the bike:

pain reliever - acetomenophine or ibiprofen, whatever your favorite is
visine (I wear contacts)
lense case
butterfly closures
bandaids and gauze
cloth tape
razor blade
disinfectant wipes (small packets)
safety pins

It all fits in a nylon bag about 3x6x1". I also carry a pair of prescription glasses in case my lenses get f'd up, and if I'm wearing my lenses I need reading glasses, so a pair of those too. These go in my tank bag. There are probably a few more things in there but this is what comes to mind. The same pack goes with me in the camelback on the dirtbikes.

You mainly want some things along to help if you get discomfort, cut yourself on something, etc. For anything major you're going to need a medic anyway, get a ride to the hospital, etc.

Other things in my road pack/backpack whenever I go out of the house:
insect repellent
extra batteries for GPS and camera
notepad and pen (peoples contact info, leave a note for someone, or details of an accident)
sharpie marker
nail clipper and a board file (stole from wifey)
wagbag (at least one. It's a portable crapper)
neoprene can coolie, at least a couple
roll-up hat/cap
an old cotton sock with the toe cut off (works great for a skinned arm or leg
parachute chord
nylon strap (can be used for an emergency belt)
signaling mirror
bottle opener
splenda packets (I can't eat suger, some places don't have splenda)
copy of registration, DL, and insurance in a ziploc
deck of cards
spare change
packable windshirt

EDIT: You got my curiosity up so I pulled out my first aid kit when I got home tonight...
mole skin
sewing kit
tincture of green soap
2 sizes of gauze pads
large triangle bandage for sling or compress
first aid book (I'm no medic!)

The first aid stuff are in a heavy vinyl zip bag and then it and everything else is in a Eagle Creek mesh nylon zipper bag with a plastic snap shackle. Handiest thing.
I have a tech headlight thingy in there too, one of them things you wear on your head with the LED lights. We've used lights exploring mines in the CA desert. Pretty cool.

Off road I carry a tube patch kit, co2 inflator, wheel nut wrench, and a whole roll of tools. It's about a 5lb canvas bag/roll that drops into the bottom of a camelback. With 100oz of water it's a bit heavy. But I dont' get stuck out there ill prepared. Whey my kid goes with me I drop it in his pack and he doesn't even know its there.
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Chris Brown
In SoCal
2009 V - custom black-on-black - SOLD

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post #5 of 12 (permalink) Old 05-12-2019, 12:39 PM
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What ever you have in it, make sure you go through it once a year and refresh all of the things that expire and be sure to replace any batteries that may die.


"The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting."
-Sun Tzu
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I've taken the simple yet leading edge kit - a tricorder and a dermal regenerator.

Seriously I carry a small "wilderness" kit I believe I found at REI. Thankfully, I haven't had to use it yet.


"Plan? Plan! There ain't no plan."
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Suture kit.

It depends how off the grid you'll be, and what kind of support you'll have. The basics for dealing with minor scrapes, burns, and twisted joints for sure for every trip away from home base. Further in the back country might require patching someone up enough to then transport them or yourself out. You might need a mesh splint, tourniquet, or burn cream. Benadryl gel caps for an allergic reaction.

For non-medical situations you need to consider a few possibilities. One might be a mechanical problem or damage from a drop. I carry a spare clutch cable for overnight trips, and vice grips (used one time in place of a broken off foot peg). Tire patch kit, duck tape, tools.

Another possible situation is having to split the group to send some for help while others remain behind. This happened to us on a family car camping trip to a very remote mountain range. Make sure there are duplicates of critical things, e.g. contact lens solution, medications, cell phone, cell phone charger, gps units, etc. Even when backpacking you can go too far to the extreme reducing weight! Make sure people know where the emergency equipment is. Consider that each person may have to be self sufficient. I always carry a firearm, which brings up issues too if the group has to split up.
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I buy a new pre-packaged 1st aid kit every few years. I add sting-kills and surgical gloves. The sting-kills have been used more than anything else over the years.

2015 Versys 650 ABS
AMA, MSTA, Retreads

Nat'l Cycle "Sport-Touring" screen; Givi hand guards; BMW Sport Grips; Omni-Cruise throttle lock; Motowerk mirror extenders, side stand foot & highway pegs; Denali Mini Soundbomb horn; SW-Motech top rack, Quick-Lock Evo side racks, wide foot pegs & GPS shelf; Givi E-22 side cases & V-47 top case; RKA 13L Shiloh Road tank bag; Hyper-Lites; Sargent seat; Shoodaben ECU reflash; decalectomy.
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And a small flask of whiskey!
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Originally Posted by jaaklucas View Post
And a small flask of whiskey!
SMALL...? How about AT LEAST a 26?

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Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post
SMALL...? How about AT LEAST a 26?

That Evan Williams guy,hes not a bad doctor! A couple of years ago,I pulled into Kentucky-Alleyne campsite and got the last campsite. All good till it got dark and I realized I was in the middle of a massive cricket colony. Those little buggars went at it all night, I couldnt get to sleep. Fittingly,I had some of that Kentucky bourbon and sleep DID come!
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Im worried about trauma, not long term.

chest seals
chest darts
nasal airways
large gauze
ace bandage
super glue and thread (can improvise stitches)
few bandaids
really good set of tweezers

Stuff I add in for longer term use

More bandaids
antibiotic cream
burn cream
suture kit
nail clippers
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