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Originally Posted by Fly-Sig View Post
I've just installed the RDMoto crash bars on my '15 V650. They protect the lower engine quite well, which none of the other brands do.

The RDMoto kit is pretty good. They provide replacement bolts and nuts except for one nut which they want you to reuse the original. But the threads are different and I had to run to Home Depot and buy a nut. It could be Kawasaki uses different hardware at different times or for different markets, so I don't blame RDMoto for the mismatch.

The bars seem sturdy. The paint is well done. Workmanship seems fine.

The lower right side bar was just a fraction of an inch off and I couldn't get the bolt through where it attaches to the motor mount down by the rider's right foot. A few minutes with a metal blade in a saber saw and the hole was easily enlarged. Again, this could be an issue with Kawasaki's manufacturing tolerances and not RDMoto's fault.

Overall I'm happy with these bars.
Hi Fly-Sig.
I have 2018 versys 650 and I also buy RD Moto crashbar, same like yours.
I wish to ask did you notice vibration which you didn't have before? (I notice them on hanlde bars, not on crash bars)
If yes did you find solution to remove them or reduce them.
I am shure that I get vibration in range 4-5k rpm after instalation that crash bar.
Also i added rubber washers under main connection point (M10 screw. bike - rubber - crash bar).
But when I was last week in official kawasaki dealership. main service guy tell me that i need to remove that extra rubber washer, because back part suffer because of that (i think that they mean on uper part where you use bolt M6).
Also they tell me that handguard also can reproduce vibration.
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