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Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post
Be AWARE that you WILL be traveling thru a herd of bison on the Alcan, and they can lay a WORLD OF HURT on you in a VERY short period of time, so BE CAREFUL! They are in the vicinity of Ft Nelson to Muncho Lake, and tend to be ON the highway. [I did NOT take pics while riding thru the herd, and EVERY time I've ridden the southern part of the Alcan they've been ON the hwy!]
I'm not messing with those Bison!

I remember going through introductory training for being a Park ranger (worked at Acadia Nat. Park when I was younger) and we were shown all kinds of video's of those things mauling people. Bears are not what you should be worried about, it's getting to close to a Bison or between a calf and mom. Obviously don't play with the bear cubs
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