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Originally Posted by SteveJ View Post
I bought th bike used so I can't help with a comparison on the tires except to say that out of BS 023(or was it 021), Shinko705, Angel GT, and Dunlop RS3 tires on the bake, the RS3 went 6500 miles, but that is a lot of twisty hooligan riding. The Angles went 6k miles. Everything else 35 to 4500 miles.

Some folks on the forum run higher than than normal air pressure to get a lot of mileage and it does help. I would rather get less miles but more hook up for the tires, especially when encountering a surprise on the road. I run mine a couple of lbs over factory recommendations.

I replaced the factory front pads at 55k miles. They still had a bit of life left but I was leaving on a 4k mile trip. At 59k miles now and I still have the rears on and will likely replace them in about 5k when I'll need a fresh tire.

I would also have my doubts about that second tire getting you home. Maybe if you baby it.

Do have an adventure and if it can work for you, do the Cassiar Highway. And visit Hyder.
Damn those brake pads lasted a long time.

Cassiar Highway is on the route we're taking, Alaska Highway on the way back.

Your right about the rear tire probably not lasting. I think I'll probably order one for replacement for the ride home. I think I'd have to call it by winnipeg as the stretch through Ontario to where I live is pretty sparse.
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