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Originally Posted by fasteddiecopeman View Post
The brake pads should NOT be an issue, but I would suggest you raise the front of the seat which does make it work MUCH better.

Running Shinko E705s on my '15 in '16 - the front 120/70 EASILY lasted the ride from Kelowna, BC to Alaska and back [replaced after 30,169 kms], but the rear required replacing in Anchorage at 5,116 kms, because I did NOT want to be 'at-the-side-of-the-road' SOMEWHERE IN THE FAR NORTH w/ a worn-out rear tire(!!!) looking to find another one,

replaced by a TKC80 knobby which EASILY made it back to Kelowna, ultimately going 9,075 kms.

LOTS of motorcycle shops along your Canadian route once you're back in the southern part.

At worst I'll swap them at Whitehorse then again once i get back into southern Canada I figure if the set from Whitehorse gets smoked. I've had good luck with Shinko Raven's in the past but not the 705 unfortunately. That tire now scares the hell out of me after the last experience.

What's that flat panel you've got on the back?
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