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Originally Posted by ArtaxIsDead View Post
Thanks for all your responses!
A little more background on my monetary issues: I have a job all school year long.. I'll make a little over 2,000 this year (without summer jobs). I already have some money saved up which is why I'm waiting until after this year to purchase. I have no intention of going ultra high speeds, lane-splitting, or any of that. I just wanna cruise around, maybe do some touring
While money IS an issue, the reason I would prefer to buy new is because I don't know exactly how a motorcycle is supposed to run, how the breaks are supposed to feel, etc.
I'm worried if I buy used something could be wrong with the bike but I wouldn't know it just by test driving it.
Don't forget you're going to need to spend ~$1000 on gear (helmet, jacket(s), pants, boots and probably hot and cold weather gloves. You can do it for less by shopping for used gear but gear and insurance eat up more money than people budget for. Given your budget I would consider a cheap used bike. If your worried about the condition take it to the dealer to do an inspection before you buy. As a rule of thumb a bike will depreciate 50% in the first 3 years.
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