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Originally Posted by 52Degrees View Post
Long term follow-up...

The lights still basically work, but one is now considerably brighter than the other, or the beam pattern is diffused in such a way to make it appear less bright. Oh, and anyone in front of me at night hates me.

But they see me.

I'm thinking of trying the Harley fog/driving lights from the same source later. The set will cost around $95 as opposed to [email protected]$17ea, but that's still not bad compared to a set of Denali's.

Before you buy anything else look at these. And if you have an AutoZone close to you they should have them in stock.

These are strobes that you can adjust. I've tried them in the store and there is NOT a setting to just keep them on. You can slow the strobe down but it will always flash. Not sure if this is illegal to have but these lights are small enough to be mounted in other areas. I was thinking if I got these I'd probably try them under the front cowl, pointing down.


These you can also try in the store. They're small and cheap but rather bright! They were able to shine all the way down the aisle and in daylight!

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