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ABS Off / Disable

Originally Posted by AdvRdr666 View Post
Hi Onewizard,

I installed a toggle switch in the dashboard (25 Amp Rated) connected to 12 Gauge wires going down to the fuse box. (I re-used a hole in the side dashboard that the previous owner had already made, not sure for what)
I took apart a Fuse and broke apart the 2 pins.
I soldered each pin at the end of each wire.
On one wire, I installed an inline fuse holder (12 gauge).
I took out the 25 Amp ABS fuse and installed it in the Inline fuse holder
I inserted each wire pins into the fuse box slots where the 25 Amp ABS fuse used to be.
I waterproof the ABS fuse box since the cover won't close anymore.

This way when I go off-road, I can turn the bike off, turn the ABS switch off and re-start the bike, do the reverse once I get back on Tarmac. Please note that I have not tested it on the road as of yet.
Several of us looked at that back in early 2015 , I looked at adding 2 relays . In the end I gave up as I bought a 07 Versys now have a 2015 Versys and before I came from a DRZ400S , not planning any more off road as around Kitchener there just isn't any , and I say any that is safe nothing like coming around a corner and wiping out, discovering some 4X4 idiot found a piece of plywood 4'X4' and buried int he mud to get out. So here is our early discussion and to my knowledge it didn't go further. You could have easily used 2 relays SPDT and used the normally closed contacts for the ABS. I bought 5 for $20 c/w sockets and wire harness.

Here is the link to that discussion;
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