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I think the red loctite suggestion was for the adjustable link. I'm not sure which fasteners that you're talking about but do not use red loctite on body panel fasteners or most other stuff, either. I keep some "red" in the toolbox, but nearly never use it.

My Soupy's link lowered the bike an inch, right out of the box - and so I just left it at that.

To lower the front fork tubes, you should have a spotter, or support the bike so that it cannot tip over. Measure how much sticks out the top of the triple tree right now, and then add an inch or so. The fork tubes are tapered, so you can only get about an inch, maybe a little more. Do one at a time.

Once both the front and rear are lowered, you'll need to do something about the side stand.

Some of the British guys were buying a kit of some sort, but I've not seen it.

You can cut some off of your existing side stand and weld a larger foot back on, which is what I did. You can get a factory replacement side stand for less than $100 if it gets totally hosed.

You know you wanna.....


So, yes, I AM starting a "collection" of side stand cut-offs.

No matter where you go - there you are.

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